Government Measures by Maharashtra to Boost Logistics Sector

The 5th edition of LOGIX India 2024, the premier international logistics event, received a prestigious inauguration from the Maharashtra Governor in Mumbai on March 26. Organized by the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), this 3-day exhibition and buyer-seller meet garnered significant attention as it underscored India’s pivotal role in global logistics. This notification was published on March 26, 2024. 

Emphasizing the criticality of logistics in India’s journey towards becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2027, the Governor applauded FIEO’s relentless efforts spanning six decades in promoting the nation’s exports. He highlighted the imperative of robust global logistics linkages for India’s development as a developed nation. The Governor outlined government initiatives aimed at bolstering the logistics sector, including the establishment of logistics parks, a common logistics platform, and enhanced multimodal transport connectivity. Initiatives like the Sagarmala project, the Bharatmala project, and the National Logistics Policy were hailed for their role in fortifying India’s logistics infrastructure, driving down costs, and positioning India as a preferred logistics hub. In a strategic move, the governor pledged to leverage the academic prowess of 27 public universities under his chancellorship to collaborate closely with FIEO. Recognizing the pivotal role of skilled manpower in the logistics sector, he affirmed that universities possess the capability to meet this demand. Amidst the ceremony, the Governor unveiled the official catalog of the 5th edition, symbolizing the event’s significance in shaping India’s logistics landscape. The inauguration of LOGIX India 2024 marked a significant stride towards realizing India’s vision of becoming a global logistics powerhouse, with collaborative efforts between government bodies, industry stakeholders, and academic institutions poised to drive transformative change.