Government Notification on Minimum Wages in Andhra Pradesh

The government has recently announced revised minimum wage rates for various scheduled employments, effective from the date of publication in the Official Gazette. These adjustments are in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for industrial workers, ensuring that wages keep pace with changes in the cost of living. Additionally, Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) have been specified, with updates every six months based on CPI fluctuations. This notification was published on 22/04/2024.

The Commissioner of Labour, Andhra Pradesh, has diligently notified the average CPI rise for both state industrial and agricultural workers, crucial for determining wage adjustments. These updates, outlined in the Gazette Extraordinary, are essential for ensuring fair compensation in 65 Scheduled Employments under Part-I and 5 under Part-II. In compliance with the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, the Commissioner of Labour, Andhra Pradesh, exercises authority to declare these adjustments, reflecting a commitment to uphold workers’ rights and maintain equitable wage standards.