Government of Kerala’s Initiative for Fair Wages

The Government of Kerala has taken a significant step towards ensuring fair wages for employees in the private hospital sector. By amending the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, they are addressing the need for revised wage rates. Specifically, a committee was formed under G.O.(P) No.86/2023/LBR. to advise on this matter. Now, Dr. Sanal Kumar Kurunhikattil will replace Dr. A.M. Anwar as the Employer Representative on this committee. Dr. Kurunhikattil’s appointment, representing the interests of employers, signifies the government’s commitment to inclusivity and thorough deliberation in the wage revision process. This decision, published in the Kerala Gazette Extraordinary, aims to ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are heard and that fair and equitable wages are established for employees in Kerala’s private hospital sector. This Notification was published on 12.03.2024.