Government’s Decree: Public Utility Services (Fourth Order) 2024

Recognizing the critical importance of ensuring essential services, the Central Government has reaffirmed the status of the food industry as a public utility service under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. Initially declared for a six-month period starting November 9, 2023, this designation has been extended for an additional six months, effective May 9, 2024. This decision, rooted in the imperative of public interest, underscores the pivotal role of the food sector in societal welfare. Leveraging powers vested in it by relevant legislation, the government has issued the Public Utility Services (Fourth Order) 2024, signaling a continued commitment to safeguarding vital services. By maintaining this status, the government ensures stability and continuity in the provision of essential goods, aligning regulatory measures with the evolving needs of the populace. Such proactive steps underscore a dedication to fostering resilience and addressing societal needs amidst dynamic circumstances. This notification was published on 07/05/2024.