Honey Grading and Marking Rules, 2024

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has implemented the Honey Grading and Marking Rules, 2024. The rules establish a national system for honey quality and labeling. These rules were published on June 7, 2024.

It may be recalled that the Ministry had previously published the Draft Honey Grading and Marking Rules, 2023 on December 6, 2023 inviting public input. The Ministry, after considering the objections and suggestions of stakeholders, has notified the present rules.

These rules supersede the Honey Grading and Marking Rules, 2008.

The rules apply to Blossom Honey, Carvia Callosa Honey, and Honeydew Honey. As per the rules, honey will now be graded based on quality parameters specified in the Schedules.

The packaging of honey must be in accordance with food safety and legal metrology regulations.

The labels of honey products must include information on grade, variety, date of manufacture, nutritional information, and contact details of the authorized packer. Specific labeling is required for Honeydew Honey, Pressed Honey, and honey classified by floral source.

Additionally, the rules stipulate that Authorized Packers need to meet specific conditions, including having access to approved testing facilities and maintaining hygienic premises. The authorised packer must fulfill special conditions for grant of certificate of authorisation from the Agricultural Marketing Adviser or his designated officer.