IFSCA Banking Handbook COB Directions v6.0

International Financial Services Centres Authority has issued the IFSCA Banking Handbook COB Directions v6.0. These directions specify the following activities that the Banking Units (BUs) may undertake:

  1. Acceptance of Deposits.
  2. Borrowing from and Lending to :Other IBUs, Parent Bank of the IBU, Banks outside IFSC, Lending – Retail.
  3. Lending – Corporate
  4. Providing trust services
  5. Credit enhancement
  6. Equipment leasing and Hire purchase
  7. Referral Services
  8. Factoring and Forfaiting services
  9. Factoring and Forfaiting services
  10. Underwriting
  11. Acting as a portfolio manager
  12. Providing Investment Advisory service
  13. Trading and Clearing member of a stock exchange
  14. Acting as a custodian of assets/securities
  15. Undertaking Over-the-Counter (OTC) derivative contracts
  16. Acting as FX Prime Brokerage
  17. Undertaking remittances
  18. Operating as an Investment Banker
  19. Undertaking transfer of loan assets
  20. Distribution of capital market products
  21. Participating in an authorised payment system
  22. Offering Payment services
  23. Undertaking foreign exchange transactions
  24. Global Administrative Office (GAO)
  25. Trading & Clearing in Precious Metals Spot and OTC Derivatives Contract
  26. Operating as a Foreign Portfolio investor (FPI)
  27. Operating as an Eligible Foreign Investor (EFI)