IFSCA Shares Insights at HSBC Global Investment Summit 2024

IFSCA has shared Insights at HSBC Global Investment Summit 2024IFSCA highlighted notable advancements in the GIFT IFSC, such as the facilitation of direct listing on IFSC exchanges, which would enable Indian businesses and startups to access foreign capital directly from IFSC.

Emphasis was also drawn to IFSC’s aircraft and ship leasing framework and increasing presence of India’s Public Sector Undertakings in IFSC which have set up their global treasury centres to pool and manage their global investments.

The HSBC Global Investment Summit serves as a premier platform for thought leaders and industry experts to exchange insights on global economic trends. This summit, convened in Hong Kong from April 8-10, has attracted over 2,500 delegates worldwide to delve into key themes shaping the global economy.