Implications and Future Prospects of Minimum Wage Revisions in Kerala

In the exercise of its authority conferred by the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, alongside consideration of objections and suggestions, the Government of Kerala has revised the minimum rates of wages for employees in various sectors. This revision supersedes prior notifications and takes effect from the date of publication in the Gazette. Furthermore, employees in the Computer Software Industry Sector, Shops and Commercial Establishments, Courier Services, D.T.P. Centers, Internet Cafes, Telephone Booth Services, and House Boat Services will be subject to these revised rates. It’s noteworthy that employees currently receiving wages higher than the revised minimums will maintain their existing rates. Additionally, provisions for service weightage and other conditions ensure equitable treatment across different categories of employment. This move aims to uphold fair remuneration practices while considering economic factors and industry standards. This notification was published on 08/04/2024.