India Makes History: President Introduces First Native Cancer Gene Therapy

The President of India inaugurated India’s inaugural indigenous gene therapy for cancer at IIT Bombay today (April 4, 2024). Addressing the gathering, the President hailed the introduction of India’s maiden gene therapy as a significant milestone in our fight against cancer. Emphasizing the accessibility and affordability of this treatment, dubbed “CAR-T cell therapy,” she underscored its potential to offer renewed hope to humanity. The President expressed confidence in its ability to breathe new life into numerous patients. This notification was published on 04.04.2024.

Highlighting CAR-T cell therapy as a groundbreaking advancement in medical science, the President noted its longstanding availability in developed nations. However, she lamented its exorbitant costs, rendering it inaccessible to the majority of patients worldwide. She applauded the therapy’s launch as the world’s most cost-effective CAR-T cell therapy, hailing it as a prime example of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and its journey towards self-reliance. The President commended the collaboration between the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Tata Memorial Hospital, and industry partner ImmunoACT in developing India’s inaugural CAR-T cell therapy. She lauded this as a commendable instance of academia-industry synergy, poised to inspire similar endeavors. Praising IIT Bombay’s global reputation as a beacon of technological education, the president emphasized the university’s role in leveraging technology for the greater good. She underscored the significance of partnerships with prestigious institutions from diverse fields and industry players in advancing such groundbreaking initiatives. This she attributed to IIT Bombay’s steadfast focus on research and development over the past three decades. She envisioned India benefiting immensely from the ongoing technological revolution, driven by the expertise and dedication of IIT Bombay’s faculty and students, alongside similar institutions across the nation.