“Kerala’s Educational Revolution: 13,000 Teachers Trained in AI”

In a significant stride towards modernizing education, 13,000 high school and higher secondary teachers have undergone specialized artificial intelligence (AI) training, led by the Kerala Government’s Department of Public Education and KITE. This initiative marks a pivotal shift in preparing educators for the digital age. With the upcoming commencement of training sessions on May 23 and 27 at 140 centers across the state, an additional 7,000 teachers are set to join the cohort, bringing the total trained during the holiday season to 20,000. Notably, higher secondary principals have been empowered to directly enroll teachers through the Training Management System, streamlining the process. This notification was published on May 22, 2024.

Looking ahead, the ambition is vast. By August, an impressive 80,000 high school and higher secondary teachers will undergo similar training, followed by primary educators. The Public Education Minister has outlined a visionary roadmap, aiming for approximately two lakh teachers to complete AI training by January 2025. Each educator receives personalized training aided by dedicated laptops with internet connectivity, ensuring comprehensive skill development in summarization, image generation, prompt engineering, presentation-animation production, and evaluation. This concerted effort by the Kerala Government signifies a commitment to nurturing a forward-thinking educational landscape where teachers are equipped with the tools to empower students for the challenges of tomorrow.