Latest Deadline Extended for Insecticide License Holders to Acquire Qualifications

The Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has issued the Insecticides (Third Amendment) Rules, 2024. These rules have come into force on March 22, 2024. The amendment rules revise the timeline for compliance with qualification requirements for retailers and dealers possessing valid licences.

The new deadline for compliance of these new norms has been fixed as June 30, 2024.

As per rule 10 (1A) any person who applies for grant of licence to sell, stock or exhibit for sale or distribute insecticides shall possess or employ a person possessing:

  • a graduate degree in agriculture science or biochemistry or biotechnology or life science or in science with chemistry or botany or zoology from a recognised university or institute or
  • One year diploma course in agriculture or horticulture or related subjects from any government recognized university or institute with course content on plant protection and pesticides management.

However, all retailers or dealers possessing a valid licence without the prescribed qualification will now be allowed time upto June 30, 2024 to comply with the said qualifications.

It is pertinent to note, that any person who applies for the grant of licence or renewal of existing licencee to sell, stock or exhibit for sale or distribute insecticides commonly used for household purpose only and registered as such shall be exempted from this requirement of educational qualifications.

The extension in deadline for compliance provides insecticide businesses with a longer window for the sale and use of old labels for insecticides. The extension, thus, acknowledges the complexities involved in research, development, and regulatory compliance for insecticides, providing stakeholders with a more reasonable timeframe to navigate these processes.