Measures Ensure Adequate Power Supply In The Summer

Anticipating a surge in electricity demand during the summer months, the Government of India has implemented a multi-pronged strategy to ensure smooth power supply. A press release on this strategy was published on May 10, 2024.

Proactive measures like maximizing generation from imported coal-based power plants, strategic scheduling of power plant maintenance, and optimizing hydropower generation helped meet the peak evening demand of 224 GW in April 2024.

To cater to the projected peak demand of 235-240 GW during May and June, the government has taken further actions:

  • Gas Power Boost: Similar to coal plants, gas-based power plants have been directed to operate at full capacity, providing an additional 6 GW.
  • Hydropower Optimization: Increased hydropower generation will contribute an extra 4 GW to the grid.
  • Thermal Plant Efficiency: Minimizing outages and strategically scheduling maintenance at thermal power plants will free up 5 GW for the summer.
  • Wind Power Uptick: Wind power generation is expected to rise by 4 GW compared to April.

With these measures, along with a predicted above-normal monsoon season, authorities anticipate sufficient power supply throughout the day and night for May and June 2024.

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