National Medical Register In Development

The National Medical Commission (NMC) is creating a National Medical Register (NMR) as mandated by the National Medical Commission Act, 2019. A public notice dated April 29, 2024 has been issued informing all Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) about the development.

What is the National Medical Register?

The NMR will be a central database containing the names, addresses, and qualifications of all licensed medical practitioners in India.

Why is it Important?

The NMR will improve transparency and streamline the verification of a doctor’s credentials. This can benefit patients seeking qualified medical professionals and employers ensuring they hire licensed practitioners.

Current Stage

An Expert Committee comprising NMC and State Medical Council (SMC) officials is working on the NMR’s development. The committee has recommended data verification and updation through collaboration between the NMC and SMCs.

The NMC advises all RMPs to monitor the NMC website and their respective SMC website for further updates on the NMR’s launch and any potential registration steps.