New Nano Urea (Liquid) 16 Gets Government Approval

The Indian government has approved a new type of fertilizer called “Nano Urea (liquid) 16” for production by Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO). This product boasts a higher nitrogen content compared to previously available Nano Urea options. This approval was granted by a notification dated April 16, 2024.

Key Specifications of Nano Urea (Liquid) 16:

Nitrogen Content16% minimum by weight
Viscosity5-30 cP
Particle Size
a. Physical particle Size as per TEM analysis
At least 50% of particles between 20-50 nm
b. Hydrodynamic Particle size as per DLS analysisAt least 50% of particles between 20-80 nm
Surface ChargeGreater than 15
Parameters and Specifications of Nano Urea (Liquid) 18

The following are potential benefits of this fertiliser:

  1. Increased nutrient efficiency for crops
  2. Reduced fertilizer application rates
  3. Environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fertilizers

Additionally, the new Nano Urea variant has been approved for a three-year production period by IFFCO.