Pollution Concerns Prompt Renewed Focus on Sustainable Building in Kolkata

Encourage adherence to eco-friendly standards at construction sites to combat pollution, urges the government. Recently, the state urban development department has noted a surge in construction activities across various municipal areas without adequate measures to mitigate noise, dust, and water pollution. With temperatures on the rise, authorities have issued a notification reaffirming the necessity for all developers and builders to strictly adhere to the guidelines previously set forth by the environment department. They have instructed all municipal bodies to promptly monitor construction sites to ensure rigorous compliance with these regulations.

To address air pollution, builders are required to enclose construction areas and buildings using geotextile fabric and install dust barriers. Additionally, water and other dust suppressants must be applied to dampen the soil on construction sites. Vehicle speeds must be limited to 15 kmph within work areas, and haul trucks’ wheels and undercarriages must be cleaned before leaving construction sites. Furthermore, builders are mandated to cover all construction materials, including soil, cement, sand, and stockpiles. In efforts to reduce noise pollution during construction, the ambient noise level should not exceed 65 decibels, as specified by an official.