“Prioritizing Hygiene: Essential Preparations as Schools Reopen in Kollam”

As schools in Kollam gear up to welcome students back into their classrooms, the health department emphasizes the critical importance of cleanliness. Preparatory measures must include thorough cleaning and mosquito control activities. Ensuring a pristine environment is paramount, with classrooms being meticulously dusted and cleared of debris. Elimination of potential animal habitats, such as rats, snakes, and bats, is imperative. Additionally, proactive measures against mosquito breeding sites, including stagnant water sources like terrace gutters and water tanks, are essential. This notification was published on 31-05-2024.

Furthermore, maintaining sanitation in toilets and proper waste disposal, including sanitary napkins, are emphasized. Kitchen hygiene is prioritized, with staff health certification and anti-tobacco signage being mandatory. Displaying emergency contact numbers enhances safety measures within the school premises. Observing a weekly dry day aids in eradicating mosquito breeding grounds. Regular maintenance of wells, including chlorination and water quality checks, ensures a safe water supply. By adhering to these guidelines, schools in Kollam can create a conducive and healthy learning environment for students.