Producers Urged To Purchase EPR Credits For Battery Recycling

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has issued a reminder to all producers of their obligations under the Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022. These rules mandate Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), requiring producers to ensure their batteries are recycled or refurbished.

EPR compliance is achieved through EPR certificates generated by registered battery waste recyclers. Producers must purchase these certificates on the online EPR portal to meet their EPR targets.

While a significant amount of EPR credits (197,890.38 tonnes) have been generated by recyclers, only a fraction (27,580.52 tonnes) have been purchased by producers.

The MoEF&CC urges all producers to engage with registered recyclers listed on the National Dashboard. Producers can purchase the necessary EPR credits from these recyclers. This ensures compliance with the regulations and proper battery waste management.

Delaying EPR credit purchases could lead to non-compliance with the Battery Waste Management Rules.