“Protecting Vulnerable Workers: Gurugram’s Heat Wave Directive”

In response to the escalating heat wave conditions in District Gurugram, the District Magistrate-Chairperson of the District Disaster Management Authority has issued a crucial directive aimed at safeguarding the well-being of vulnerable workers. This notification was published on 31/05/2024.

Under this directive, employers and contractors of casual laborers, daily wage earners, gig workers, and others are mandated to implement several measures:

  1. Provision of potable water: Employers must ensure clean drinking water is readily available at work sites.
  2. Enhanced Workplace Comfort: Measures such as shade, ventilation, and water coolers are to be provided to mitigate heat exposure.
  3. Supply of Hydration Kits: Employers are required to furnish ORS Glucose Kits, refreshing beverages like Shikanji and Nimbu Pani, water bottles, and ice packs to workers.
  4. Limiting Outdoor Work: Outdoor activities should be minimized between 12 PM and 4 PM, the peak hours of heat intensity.
  5. Covering Medical Expenses: Employers must bear the medical costs incurred by workers affected by heat-related illnesses.
  6. Consideration for Domestic Workers: Houseworkers and domestic maids are advised to be spared from work during the afternoon hours.

This directive underscores the District Administration’s commitment to ensuring the welfare of its workforce amidst challenging climatic conditions. By prioritizing worker safety and health, Gurugram sets a commendable precedent for proactive disaster management practices.