SOP For ZLD Verification Of Distilleries

The Government of India has implemented a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to streamline the verification process for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems in distilleries. This initiative aims to expedite the disbursement of financial assistance under a scheme promoting ethanol production. This SOP was published in July 2024.

The government offers financial aid to projects that enhance ethanol production capacity or establish new ethanol distilleries.

This scheme, crucial for the Ethanol Blended with Petrol (EBP) Programme, targets increased ethanol availability. A ZLD certificate is mandatory for distilleries to receive financial assistance.

Objectives of the SOP

  1. Streamline and strengthen the ZLD certificate issuance process.
  2. Guide applicants in preparing the necessary documents.
  3. Ensure uniform assessment across applications.
  4. Save time and expedite certification.

What is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)?

ZLD systems treat industrial wastewater, enabling its complete reuse or recycling within the production process. The remaining solid waste is concentrated and removed.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recognizes ZLD based on water usage, wastewater reuse, and solid waste recovery.

Projects Eligible for Financial Assistance:

  • Setting up new grain-based distilleries or expanding existing ones using dry milling techniques for Dry Distillers Grain Soluble (DDGS) production.
  • Establishing new molasses-based distilleries or expanding existing ones (attached to sugar mills or standalone) with ZLD systems.
  • Setting up or expanding dual feed distilleries that utilize both molasses and grain or other 1G ethanol feedstocks.
  • Converting existing distilleries (molasses or grain-based) to dual feed systems.
  • Setting up new distilleries or expanding existing ones using other 1G ethanol feedstocks like sugar beet or sorghum.
  • Installing Molecular Sieve Dehydration (MSDH) columns in existing distilleries for ethanol production from rectified spirit.

This SOP signifies a simplification of procedures and promotion of clean technologies in the ethanol production sector. By streamlining ZLD verification, India takes a step towards cleaner energy sources.