Special Leave Provision: Granting Leave to Private Sector Employees on Polling Day

The Central Election Commission has decided to hold Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Second Phase Polling in Kerala on April 26, 2024, and as per the notification order, it has issued special instructions to give leave to the private sector employees of the state on the polling date. It is hereby provided that leave with pay for the purpose of voting shall be granted to persons engaged in the employment of any establishment, commercial establishment, industrial establishment, business, or any other establishment and entitled to vote in Lok Sabha elections, but special permission shall be granted to a person for the purpose of voting if such leave would cause danger or substantial loss to the occupation he is engaged in. It is hereby ordered that he be granted special permission to cast his vote. It is also ordered that the voters of the state who are engaged in work outside their own district should be given special permission by the employer to go to the polling station of the district and vote on the respective polling day. (with salary) The above order is I.T. It is applicable to all private establishments, including the plantation sector. To enforce the order on all Regional Joint Labor Commissioners and District Labor Officers, necessary arrangements should be made. This notification was published on April 16, 2024.