Standards and Rating for Undergraduate Siddha Colleges and Teaching Hospitals

The National Commission for Indian System of Medicine has published the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (Minimum Essential Standards, Assessment and Rating for Undergraduate Siddha Colleges and Attached Teaching Hospitals) Regulations, 2024. These regulations have come into force from April 26, 2024.

These regulations aim to ensure quality education and infrastructure for aspiring Siddha practitioners.

Key Highlights of these Regulations:

  • Admission Capacity: Colleges can have student intakes in slabs of 60, 100, 150, and 200.
  • Land Requirement: Minimum land area increases progressively with student intake capacity (3 to 9 acres).
  • Minimum Built-Up Area: The college and attached teaching hospital must have a minimum constructed area ranging from 3115 sq. m. for 60 students to 4400 sq. m. for 200 students.
  • Financial Transparency: Separate bank accounts are mandatory for colleges and attached hospitals (non-government institutions).
  • Technology Integration: An IT cell must be established to manage all information technology needs.
  • Biometric Attendance System: All staff, students, and interns must use biometric or Aadhaar-enabled attendance systems.
  • College Website: Every college is required to maintain a dedicated website.
  • Lecture Halls: The size of lecture halls increases proportionally with student intake capacity.
  • Central Library: Well-equipped libraries with proper ventilation, lighting, and seating arrangements are mandated.
  • Digital Library: A designated digital library space is required based on student intake capacity.
  • Teaching Departments: All colleges must establish thirteen essential teaching departments.

These new regulations supersede the following two regulations:

  1. the Indian Medicine Central Council (Requirements of Minimum Standard for Under-graduate Siddha Colleges and attached Hospitals) Regulations, 2016 and
  2. the Establishment of New Medical College, Opening of new or Higher Course of Study or Training and Increase of Admission Capacity by a Medical College Regulations, 2019