MedTech Mitra Launched To Empower Innovators in Healthcare

Acknowledging the import dependency of India’s MedTech sector, which stands at 80%, the Minister underscored the progress made through production-linked incentive schemes, investments in medical drug parks, and the implementation of the MedTech research policy and incentive scheme. The collaborative initiative of ‘MedTech Mitra’ is expected to drive indigenous development, making quality MedTech devices more affordable and reducing import dependence.

Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Advances Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research

The integration of AI and ML research with high-performance computing has enabled the processing of vast data volumes, leading to the development of applications across various domains. Notably, advancements in Security and Cyber Security have been realized, with the initiation of AI-based video analytics and Cyber Security tools. Indigenous products, such as the Secured Network Access System (SNAS), have emerged as crucial components, forming the backbone of Cybersecurity.

Krishi 24/7: New AI Tool for Agricultural News Monitoring & Analysis

Krishi 24/7 establishes a mechanism for leveraging artificial intelligence for efficient agricultural news monitoring. The tool scans agricultural news articles in multiple languages and translates them into English, extracting crucial information such as headline, crop name, event type, date, location, severity, summary, and source link.