Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Advances Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research

The integration of AI and ML research with high-performance computing has enabled the processing of vast data volumes, leading to the development of applications across various domains. Notably, advancements in Security and Cyber Security have been realized, with the initiation of AI-based video analytics and Cyber Security tools. Indigenous products, such as the Secured Network Access System (SNAS), have emerged as crucial components, forming the backbone of Cybersecurity.

Government Explores Small Nuclear Reactors for Clean Energy Transition

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are gaining attention due to their unique features such as modularity, scalability, small footprint, and enhanced safety. These characteristics make SMRs an attractive option for repurposing retiring coal-based thermal power station sites. By deploying SMRs, especially in locations unsuitable for large nuclear plants, significant amounts of low-carbon electricity can be generated.

Ruby Jubilee Celebration Marks 40 Years of Achievements for AERB

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) celebrated its ruby jubilee on November 15, 2023. During the event prominent figures of the Indian nuclear community shared their reflections on the remarkable progress witnessed by AERB over the past four decades.