Allocation of Remaining Quantities of Raw Petroleum Coke

It was unanimously decided to distribute the remaining 0.4 million tonnes of RPC to all eligible calciners on a pro-rata basis, following the existing methodology adopted by the DGFT. Certain criteria were laid out, including considerations for those who had not applied before, surrendered significant quantities, or featured in specific reports.

Deadline Extension for CPC Manufacturing Industries

The CAQM emphasizes the importance of timely and accurate information from the concerned industries to facilitate the decision-making process and ensure transparency in the allocation of pet coke resources.

Supreme Court delegates Decision on Pet Coke Allocation to CAQM

Calcined Petroleum Coke manufacturing industries interested in obtaining an allocation of imported Raw Pet Coke are now instructed to provide their details in a specified format. The details should be submitted via email to, before November 14, 2023.

Environment (Protection) Third Amendment Rules, 2023

The Amendment Rules aim to minimize environmental pollution and promote sustainable practices within the CPC industry. They set out more stringent standards for the operation of Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) units.