Vegetable Oils Grading and Marking (Amendment) Rules, 2023

The rules aim to update and refine the regulations governing the grading and marking of vegetable oils. The new rule stipulates that vegetable oils intended for domestic trade must adhere to restrictions regarding residual levels of metal contaminants, pesticide residues, microbial requirements, crop contaminants, naturally occurring toxic substances, and other food safety requirements.

Multi-Source Edible Oils Grading and Marking Rules, 2023

The government has mandated the use of a Grade Designation Mark, referred to as the “AGMARK Insignia,” for all packaged Multi-Source Edible Oils. The Agricultural Marketing Adviser or authorized officers are responsible for approving the manner in which the Grade Designation Mark is affixed to or printed on each package.

Central Government reduces Basic Import Duty on Edible Oils

The decision comes as part of the government’s efforts to implement measures aimed at reducing the prices of Edible Oils in the domestic market. By lowering the Import Duty on Refined Sunflower Oil and Refined Soyabean Oil, the government aims to benefit consumers and ease domestic retail prices.