The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Act, 2024

The Amendment Act applies to the States of Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan along with Union Territories. It will also apply to such other State which adopt this Act by resolution. It is significant to note that while the amendment Act has increased the upper limit of the financial penalties for contravention of the provisions of the Act, it has also eliminated imprisonment as a form of penalty under the Act.

New Wildlife Rules 2024 Introduced For Transactions & Taxidermy

According to these rules, any licensee intending to acquire, receive, or keep specified animals or animal articles, trophies, uncured trophies, or meat derived therefrom must obtain prior permission from the authorized officer. In the realm of taxidermy, licensed taxidermists or manufacturers must issue vouchers to owners returning trophies or animal articles.

Central Government Designates Ports for Red Sanders Repatriation from Nepal

The Central Government has designated specific ports for the repatriation of red sanders from Nepal. The ports of entry and exist have been designated for the purpose of regulation of International Trade of red sanders between India and Nepal, ensuring strict adherence to environmental regulations and international trade norms.

Enhanced compensation for the victims of Human wildlife conflicts 

Government of Tamil Nadu has been taking several steps to mitigate human wildlife conflicts. One of the approaches in human-wildlife conflict mitigation is providing adequate compensation to victims of such conflicts. Tamil Nadu Government had enhanced the compensation from Rs.4lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs for the loss of human life or permanent incapacitation in such conflicts. The Government had also created a corpus of Rs.10 Crores to enable speedy disbursement of the compensation claims.

Climate Conference 2024 “Decoding the Green Transition for India”

The conference delved into all aspects of India’s climate action plan, with a keen focus on the role of the private sector, climate tech startups, and institutional investors. The conference aimed at mobilizing financial resources and technical capabilities to bolster government initiatives.

CPCB Grants Recognition to Additional Environmental Laboratories and Government Analysts

Environmental laboratories play a pivotal role in monitoring and analyzing air, water, and other substances to assess pollution levels and environmental quality. The appointment of Government Analysts further ensures that the analysis of samples adheres to stringent standards, contributing to the overall effectiveness of environmental protection measures.

Guidelines on Management of Pyro-metallurgical Slags

The guidelines also outline specific areas where iron and steel slags can be used, such as cement production, aggregate in cement-concrete, and construction of roads and railways. Iron and Steel plants intending to use slag for other purposes are required to submit proposals to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) through the respective State Pollution Control Boards (SPCB) or Pollution Control Committees (PCC).