Central Government Opens Window for Ethanol Production Boost

The Central Government has specified that applicants must secure loan disbursal from eligible financial institutions within one year or by June 30, 2024, whichever is later, from the date of in-principle approval by the Department of Food and Public Distribution (DFPD). Additionally, the project must be completed within two years from the date of the disbursement of the first installment of the loan.

Draft Ghee Grading and Marking Rules, 2023

The draft rules are intended to supersede the existing Ghee Grading and Marking Rules, 1938, amended up to 1991. This proposed overhaul of the Ghee Grading and Marking Rules, 2023, seeks to enhance the quality and standardization of ghee production and ensure the safety of ghee products in the market.

Draft Honey Grading and Marking Rules, 2023

These rules mark a significant step towards ensuring the quality and safety of honey in the market, providing consumers with transparent information about the products they purchase and consume. The regulations aim to bolster consumer confidence and elevate the standards of honey products available in the market.

FSSAI Bans 20 Pesticides & Issues Testing Directives

This move by FSSAI reinforces the commitment to protecting public health by actively monitoring and regulating the use of pesticides and contaminants in the food supply chain. These regulatory measures serve to bolster confidence in the nation’s food safety ecosystem.

BIS Revises Standards for Food Processing and Engineering of Pneumatic Tools and Machines

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has revised certain standards for Package Units, Coffee Seed Storage, Methods for Sensory Evaluation, Hygienic Conditions for Sugar Factories and Preferred Pressures for Pneumatic Tools and Machines. This notification was published on November 30, 2023. All of these standards have been established on November 21, 2023.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables To Be Monitored for Pesticides

FSSAI has once more urged the authorities to keep a strict vigil on Food Business Operators engaged in manufacturing, repacking, and selling fresh, surface-treated, and minimally processed fruits & vegetables. Authorities shall undertake surveillance/ enforcement measures at regular intervals in a planned manner.

Decrease in Application Fees for Vegan Logo Endorsement

As per this order, the application fees has been decreased from INR 25,000/- (inclusive of GST) per applied product, to INR 10000 per application. The new fees are applicable per application, irrespective of the number of products for which the endorsement is sought. This will reduce the financial restrictions on manufacturers of vegan food products and encourage a greater amount of FBOs to obtain Vegan Logo Endorsements.

India Discusses Trade in Food Products in Bilateral Meeting with Greece

Both sides acknowledged the strategic importance of each other to foster food security. India as one of the largest producer of Agri Food and Brazil as one the largest exporter of food can work towards ensuring food security for the world. Brazilian side highlighted that the bi-lateral trade between the two countries has expanded by 32% to US$15.2 billion in 2022.

The two sides discussed synergies and exploring possibilities in further collaboration and co-ordination in the food processing sector particularly in terms of exchange of goods and human resource. Both sides agreed to continue to work in partnership with each other to facilitate even greater exchange of goods and ideas.

FSSAI approves Use of “RAFT Logo” on Food Testing Kits and Equipment

This updated order aims to streamline the use of RAFT kits, equipment, and methods, ensuring transparency and consistency in food testing and surveillance procedures. It provides a clear framework for the use of the “RAFT Logo” and the mandatory disclaimer for kits that test specific parameters within a range.