Gujarat Is Set To Become India’s Green Hydrogen Hub

The Green Hydrogen Destination of India” seminar during the third day of the tenth edition of the Vibrant Summit, Chief Minister of Gujarat declared that under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Gujarat is poised to become the country’s Green Hydrogen Hub. The government has formulated a special land policy, dedicating 2 lakh hectares of wasteland in Kutch and Banaskantha districts for green hydrogen production. Gujarat, aligning with this vision, has allocated 2 lakh crore rupees for the green growth sector over the next five years.

SIGHT Program: Incentive for Procurement of Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued scheme guidelines for implementation of Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition (SIGHT) Program under the National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM). This notification was issued on January 16, 2024. The MNRE has stated that the President of India as sanctioned the scheme for procurement of green […]

New Rules Unveiled to Boost Ease of Doing Business in Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage Sectors

To rationalize open access charges, the rules state that for consumers availing General Network Access or Open Access, the additional surcharge will be progressively reduced and eliminated within four years. Importantly, the surcharge will only apply to consumers who are or have been customers of the concerned Distribution licensee, sparing those who have never been customers from this additional cost.

Climate Conference 2024 “Decoding the Green Transition for India”

The conference delved into all aspects of India’s climate action plan, with a keen focus on the role of the private sector, climate tech startups, and institutional investors. The conference aimed at mobilizing financial resources and technical capabilities to bolster government initiatives.

Ministries of Coal and New & Renewable Energy Join Forces to Boost Green Energy Initiatives

Under this cooperative framework, the MNRE will extend its support by providing technical expertise, policy guidance, and capacity-building assistance. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Coal will facilitate the availability of land and capital while actively participating in the implementation of solar energy, green hydrogen, and various other renewable energy projects.

R&D Roadmap for Green Hydrogen Ecosystem in India

The roadmap, which has been drafted after an exhaustive analysis of the current state of technology and ongoing research, benchmarking, and identifying gaps, lays out a clear path for research and development actions to promote green hydrogen commercialization. It is expected that this draft roadmap will serve as a guiding document for establishing a dynamic research and development ecosystem necessary for the commercialization of green hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen Standard for India

A detailed methodology for measurement, reporting, monitoring, onsite verification and certification of green hydrogen and its derivatives is specified by MNRE.