Enhanced compensation for the victims of Human wildlife conflicts 

Government of Tamil Nadu has been taking several steps to mitigate human wildlife conflicts. One of the approaches in human-wildlife conflict mitigation is providing adequate compensation to victims of such conflicts. Tamil Nadu Government had enhanced the compensation from Rs.4lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs for the loss of human life or permanent incapacitation in such conflicts. The Government had also created a corpus of Rs.10 Crores to enable speedy disbursement of the compensation claims.

Loan Assistance to Industries affected by Cyclone

Agreements have been made by Tamil Nadu Government to provide financial assistance for the rehabilitation of micro, small and medium enterprises affected by the recent heavy rains and floods. The Financial assistance will be given only to companies associated with manufacturing and service sectors.

Government of Tamil Nadu Extends Extends Due Date for Form GSTR-3B

Initially set for the 20th of December 2023, the due date has now been extended to the 27th December 2023 for taxpayers whose principal place of business is located in the four cyclone-affected revenue districts. Those filing their GSTR-3B return for the month of November 2023 will not be subjected to any additional financial penalties if they adhere to the extended due date of 27th December 2023.