Sale Of 100% Dust Grades Of Tea Through Auction

These amendments aim to enhance transparency, accountability, and fair trade practices within the tea industry. By regulating the sale of tea through public auctions, the order seeks to prevent monopolistic practices and promote market access for all tea producers, especially those in specified regions.

Tea Board India Issues Plant Protection Code to Safeguard Tea Plantations

Emphasizing the safe usage of crop protection products, the Plant Protection Code encourages tea growers to critically evaluate their Plant Protection Formulation (PPF) usage and gradually reduce reliance on chemicals. By adhering to these guidelines, the tea industry aims to minimize pesticide residues and promote sustainable tea production practices across India.

New Tea Time Notified for Cropping Season of 2024

The Tea Board of India has issued an order notifying the dates of commencement of plucking or receiving of green leaves for all tea factories for 2024. However, certain specified tea cultivators can seek exemptions from complying with these commencement dates.