Telangana Government’s Decision Considering Public Interest

The Government of Telangana has taken a significant step in recognizing the vital role played by the motor transport industry within the state. Through an order issued by the Labour Employment Training and Factories (Lab-II) Department on August 7, 2023, the industry was declared a public utility service under the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. This designation, valid for six months from August 23, 2023, aimed to ensure stability and continuity within the industry while safeguarding the rights and interests of both employers and employees. This notification was published on 16/04/2024.

As the initial six-month period drew to a close, it became evident that the importance of the motor transport industry in serving the public interest persisted. Recognizing this, the Government of Telangana deemed it necessary to extend the industry’s status as a public utility service for a further six months. This decision, made in the interest of the public, signifies the government’s commitment to maintaining essential services and ensuring industrial harmony. It underscores the significance of the motor transport industry in facilitating commerce, transportation, and connectivity across Telangana. The extension of the motor transport industry’s classification as a public utility service comes under the authority vested in the government by the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. This reaffirms the industry’s pivotal role and acknowledges its inclusion in the 1st Schedule of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.In effect, this decision not only recognizes the importance of the motor transport industry but also emphasizes the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for industrial growth and stability. It reflects a proactive approach to addressing the needs of both the industry and the general public, ensuring continued efficiency and reliability in transportation services across Telangana.


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