TRAI Direction to all access service provider for submission of details of Base Stations.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently issued a directive under section 13 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997. This directive, in conjunction with the Standards of Quality of Service Basic Telephone Service (Wireline) and Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Regulations, 2009, seeks to refine the submission process of Base Station details by Access Service Providers.

The TRAI, mandated with regulating telecommunication services to safeguard consumer interests, has identified key areas for improvement in the existing framework. The directive underscores the significance of accurate and comprehensive data regarding Base Stations, vital components of telecommunication infrastructure.

One of the pivotal amendments pertains to the inclusion of details regarding the date of commissioning or de-commissioning of Base Stations. By incorporating this information, TRAI aims to ensure the authenticity of data submitted by service providers, particularly in relation to the Drop Call Rate (DCR) matrix. Understanding the operational status of Base Stations is crucial in assessing the validity of reported circumstances, thereby facilitating effective quality monitoring.

Moreover, the directive emphasizes the importance of delineating the type of connectivity for each Base Station, whether Fibre, Wireless, or other mediums. Recognizing the pivotal role of backhaul connectivity in service delivery, TRAI seeks to evaluate its impact on Quality of Service (QoS). By elucidating connectivity details, stakeholders can garner insights into potential bottlenecks and optimize network performance.

Furthermore, with the advent of 5G technology, TRAI acknowledges the need for updated reporting mechanisms. The directive mandates the submission of details pertaining to 5G Base Stations and cells, reflecting the evolving landscape of telecommunications. By staying abreast of technological advancements, TRAI endeavors to foster a conducive environment for innovation and seamless service provision.

To operationalize these changes, TRAI has introduced a revised format for the submission of Base Station details. The format delineates specific parameters, including Service Provider information, geographical location, technology, connectivity type, and commissioning dates. These guidelines aim to streamline data submission processes, ensuring uniformity and accuracy across submissions.

Access Service Providers are required to adhere to the prescribed format and guidelines, furnishing comprehensive details within twenty-one days of each quarter. The directive underscores the imperative of completeness and accuracy in data submission, emphasizing the pivotal role of transparent reporting in upholding service standards.


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