Use of Facial Authentication Technology by the EPS pensioners for Digital Life Certificate Submission

To enhance ‘Ease of Living’, EPFO adopted Digital Life Certificate (DLC) for its pensioners in 2015. EPFO accepts DLCs based on biometric authentication from the EPS pensioners. The submission of a biometric based DLC requires a pensioner to physically visit a branch of any bank, post office, Common Service Centre or an EPFO office as the fingerprint/ iris capture devices are available there.

To minimize difficulties among elderly on account of having to physically visit a bank/ post office etc. the MeitY and UIDAI developed the Face Authentication Technology (FAT) whereby face recognition technology can be used for proof of life certificate. EPFO adopted this technology in July, 2022. This introduced a completely new method of submitting DLCs by the pensioners from their homes making the process more accessible and affordable for the pensioners. They could simply use any Android based smartphone to complete the process thus avoiding hassles of travelling to banks, post offices etc in old age.

The use of facial authentication method requires installation of two applications, viz. “Aadhaar Face RD” and the “Jeevan Pramaan” in their smartphones. The operator authentication for these applications are carried out through Aadhaar linked mobiles numbers. Detailed guidelines are provided in the Apps to ensure a successful face scan. Once the scan is completed, the DLC submission is confirmed on the mobile screen along with the Jeevan Pramaan ID and PPO number, completing the process conveniently from home.