Guidelines for processing of applications for GST related registrations

Instances of fraudulent individuals obtaining fake or bogus GST registrations have emerged, leading to substantial revenue losses for the government. These registrations are utilized to illicitly pass on input tax credit to unscrupulous recipients through the issuance of invoices without actual supplies. To address this problem, the Central and State tax authorities have initiated a Special All-India Drive against fake registrations. One crucial aspect of preventing such fraudulent activities is strengthening the verification process for registration applications

IRDAI repeals redundant circulars

The circulars are withdrawn to rationalize, streamline the regulatory framework, enhance clarity and reduce complexity in compliance requirements.

CPCB issues Provisional EPR Target for 2023-2024

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) had previously announced an extension in the last date for Registered Producers, Importers, Brand Owners (PIBOs) to file the Annual Returns for 2022-2023. This extension was provided till 31st October, 2023. However, provisional EPR target 2023-2024 shall be applicable till actual EPR target is generated based on annual return for 2022-2023.