Empowering Female Workers: Strengthening Workplace Security

In the aforementioned notification: i. Regarding serial numbers 7, 9, and 13, and their respective entries, the following serial numbers and entries shall be substituted: “7. Between the hours of 07:00 PM and 06:00 AM, a minimum of three female workers must be employed within the factory premises or department.

Unveiling Haryana’s Ambitious Plan to Lead in Medical Device Manufacturing

Haryana is set to emerge as a global leader in medical device manufacturing, driven by a bold vision and strategic objectives outlined in its latest policy. The state aims to create a conducive environment for medical device production, aligning with the ‘Make in India’ campaign to bolster domestic manufacturing and reduce reliance on imports.

Adjustment of Minimum Wages for Employees in Chandigarh Based on Cost of Living Index Numbers

The Government of Chandigarh on 06th March, 2024 issued a notification which presents the adjustments made to the minimum rates of wages for different categories of employees in Chandigarh based on the increase in the Cost of Living Index Numbers. It also offers detailed explanations and definitions to ensure understanding and application of the adjusted minimum wages for the specified periods.

ALMM for Solar Panels to Resume Operations on April 1st

The MNRE has now announced the recommencement of the ALMM for solar photovoltaic modules. However, the memo clarifies that solar power developers who received solar PV modules at their project sites by March 31, 2024 and were unable to commission them due to reasons beyond their control will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

North vs. South: The Battle for India’s Tea Export Throne

In general, there seems to be a slight decrease in the quantity of tea exported from all of India in 2023 compared to 2022. However, the value of tea exports from all of India increased slightly in 2023 compared to 2022. Additionally, South India appears to have made up for the decrease in exports from North India in 2023.

Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability (Ninth Amendment) Regulations, 2024

The amendment provides that a request for unique porting code has been made before the expiry of seven days from the date of SIM swap or replacement of the mobile number. SIM swap or replacement” means a process of acquisition of a new SIM card in place of a lost or non-working SIM card by the existing subscriber.

Central Motor Vehicles (Seventh Amendment) Rules, 2024

The amendment provides that the Director of Industries or Director of Transport may be nominated as the registering authority in case the State/ Union Territory does not have a position equivalent to Commissioner of Industries or Commissioner of Transport and the registering authority shall be empowered to issue Preliminary Registration Certificate, issue and renewal of Registration Certificate under this chapter for the registration of Automated Testing Stations.

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization to launch a massive District Outreach Programme, Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.0, in all the districts of the country

The Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.0 will not be only grievance redressal platform and information exchange network for the employers and the employees but also a platform for exchange of information with the district level authorities of various State and Central Government departments. In this programme, a help desk will be created where members will get the online services like filing of online claim etc.