BIS organises 1176 Exposure Visits for Students Nationwide

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India’s National Standards Body, has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting quality consciousness and scientific learning among students by organizing 1176 exposure visits across the country. These visits, part of the “Learning Science via Standards” initiative, aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, thus empowering the youth to navigate real-world scenarios with confidence.

In an official statement, BIS explained, “BIS remains committed to conducting these exposure visits on a regular basis, and from 2021 till now, a total of 1176 exposure visits were organized for students across India. The objective is to effectively contribute to India’s mission of building a quality-conscious nation.”

Under the “Learning Science via Standards” initiative, BIS has introduced a series of meticulously curated lesson plans that focus on everyday products aligned with educational curricula and industrial relevance. These lesson plans immerse students in the world of quality and standards, fostering an appreciation for these crucial aspects.

BIS has prepared a comprehensive series of 52 lesson plans, with 40 of them readily available on the official BIS website. The initiative also includes the establishment of Standards Clubs in educational institutions across India, with over 6939 such clubs formed in schools and colleges nationwide, boasting more than 1.75 lakh student members. To support these clubs, over 5300 science teachers have been trained to act as mentors, and BIS provides financial support for up to three club activities each year, including debates, quizzes, competitions, and standard-writing contests.

The exposure visits organized by BIS are aimed at industry professionals and academia, allowing them to witness quality standards in action. Students and industry personnel gain valuable insights into manufacturing and testing processes, best practices, and standardized testing methods. These visits provide a hands-on understanding of quality standards and their practical implications.

BIS emphasized its ongoing commitment to these exposure visits, stating, “In the fiscal year 2021-22, 135 visits were organized, and in 2022-23, an impressive 709 exposure visits were conducted for students. For the ongoing year 2023-24, 331 exposure visits have already been arranged.”