BIS revises Standards for certain Elements, Medical Instruments and Electrical Products

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has revised certain standards for certain Elements, Medical Instruments and Electrical Products. This notification was published on 1st November, 2023.

Some of the revised standards are as follows:

  • IS 2782 : 2023 Refined Nickel — Specification (First Revision)
  • IS 6233 : 2023 Bone Cutting Stille Liston Pattern Forceps — Specification (First Revision)
  • IS 9265 : 2023 Clamp, Compression, Muller’s Pattern — Specification (First Revision)
  • Ducting Systems for Electrical Installations Part 1 General Requirements (First Revision)

It has also established three new standards:

  • IS 18344 (Part 4) : 2023/ISO 15883-4 : 2018 Washer-Disinfectors Part 4 Washer Disinfectors Employing Chemical Disinfectors for Thermolabile Endoscopes — Requirement and Tests;
  • IS 18360 : 2023/ISO 18082 : 2014 Anaesthetic and Respiratory Equipment Dimensions of Non-Interchangeable Screw-Threaded (NIST) Low-Pressure Connectors for Medical Gases and
  • IS/IEC TR 63282 : 2020 LVDC Systems — Assessment of Standard Voltages and Power Quality Requirements

All of these standards have been established on 2nd October, 2023.

It is pertinent to note that the previous versions of these, if any, are withdrawn from 2nd November, 2023.