A one-day workshop was conducted for members of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, covering diverse aspects related to the budget session process

A single-day seminar focusing on fiscal matters was collaboratively arranged by the Gujarat Legislative Assembly and the School of Ultimate Leadership (SOUL) for its constituents. Centered on the theme “Empowering Genuine Leaders to Enhance Public Welfare,” the workshop, conducted at the Legislative Assembly premises, was officially commenced by Gujarat Legislative Assembly Speaker, Chief Minister of Gujarat and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs.

Guidelines for Prevention and Regulation of Dark Patterns, 2023

The guidelines provides that no person, including any platform, shall engage in any dark pattern practice. “Dark patterns” shall mean any practices or deceptive design pattern using user interface or user experience interactions on any platform that is designed to mislead or trick users to do something they originally did not intend or want to do, by subverting or impairing the consumer autonomy, decision making or choice, amounting to misleading advertisement or unfair trade practice or violation of consumer rights. The guidelines have also listed the recognized dark pattern practices.

CBIC directions for e-commerce operators

The electronic commerce operator shall allow the supply of goods through it by the by the persons exempted from obtaining registration only if enrolment number has been allotted on the common portal to the persons exempted from obtaining registration.

Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) (Amendment) Rules, 2023

“Direct selling entity” is redefined to mean the principal entity which sells or offers to sell goods or services directly through a network of sellers, but does not include an entity which is engaged in a Pyramid Scheme or money circulation scheme.

Central Warehousing Corporation (Amendment) Rules, 2023

As per the amendment rules, the Board shall cause the financial statements of the Corporation to be balanced on 31st March in each year and such financial statements shall be prepared in the manner specified under the Companies Act, 2013.