Karnataka Stamp (Amendment) Act, 2023

The Karnataka Stamp (Amendment) Act, 2023, outlines various amendments, including changes to stamp duty amounts, percentages, and specific amounts applicable to various types of instruments and transactions.

The Registration (Punjab Amendment) Bill, 2023

The present Amendment has sought the registration of any instrument or agreement relating to the deposit of title deeds (Equitable Mortgage), where such deposit has been made by way of security for the repayment of a loan or an existing or future debts. Further, the Amendment Bill also requires the registration of any certificate of sale granted to the purchaser of any property sold by public auction by a Civil or Revenue Officer or Civil Court or any authority, under law.

Government of Rajasthan notifies Remission of certain Stamp Duties

As a matter of public interest the Government of Rajasthan has decided to remit stamp duty chargeable on the instruments of immovable property having market value up to Rs. fifty lakhs. These instruments must be executed for the purposes of establishment of workplace for a start-up having eligibility certificate under the Rajasthan Start-up Policy, 2022.

The Karnataka Stamp (Amendment) Act, 2022.

The State Government may, by rule or order published in the Official Gazette,— (a) reduce upto fifty percent in the whole or any part of the [State of Karnataka], if in the opinion of the State Government it is necessary in public interest so to do, the duties with which any particular class of instruments, or any of the instruments belonging to such class, or instruments when executed by or in favour of any particular class of persons, or by or in favour of any members of such class, are chargeable

The Goa Payment of Duty by e-challan Payment Facility Rules, 2021.

As per the rule, All duties payable on the instruments registered before the Registering Officer through the National Generic Document Registration System may be paid by an e-challan payment facility and a printed copy of the e-receipt generated upon such payment shall be pasted on the first page of the instrument presented to the Registering Officer at the time of registration of such instrument.