CBDT issues new taxpayers charter.

The Central Board of Income Taxes has adopted the taxpayer’s charter to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of income taxpayers and to reduce the cost of compliance with tax laws.

The Taxpayer charter lays down the fundamental rights of taxpayers and the basic standards of services that they should expect. The charter will aim to change the relationship between taxpayers and the tax department from being an enforcer to a facilitator.

The following conditions are expected to be a part of the Taxpayer’s charter.

The Department shall provide prompt, courteous, and professional assistance in all dealings with the taxpayer and shall not disclose any information provided by taxpayer to the department unless authorized by law.

The Department shall allow every taxpayer to choose an authorized representative of his choice and shall publish standards for service delivery in a periodic manner.

A taxpayer must also have the assurance that any information/data submitted to tax authorities will remain confidential, and won’t be used except as per legal requirements.

Further, the Taxpayers are expected to honestly disclose full information and fulfil his compliance obligations and is expected to be aware of his compliance obligations under tax law and seek the help of department if needed.

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