Clarifications Issued on Rajasthan Excise and Alcohol Control Policy 2024-25

The Government of Rajasthan has recently issued clarifications regarding the Excise and Alcohol Control Policy for the year 2024-25. These clarifications are intended to address specific aspects of the policy and provide additional guidance to licensees.

The clarification regarding that the Fines will only be imposed if the monthly guaranteed sales quota for liquor is not met within the prescribed timeframe. However, if the licensee deposits cash at the liquor pickup point to meet the guarantee within the stipulated period, no fine will be levied. Note that fulfilling the guarantee for country liquor/Rajasthan-made liquor through cash deposit also requires depositing the calculated basic license fee.

In regards to the Excess Offtake of alcohol it as clarified that  any excess liquor sold beyond the monthly guaranteed amount in a particular month can be adjusted and used to fulfill the guarantee requirement in any remaining month of the year. This allows for greater flexibility in managing sales throughout the year.

For the Minimum Guarantee it was clarified through an example that if a shop’s annual guarantee for country liquor is set at Rs 48 lakh and the monthly guarantee is Rs 4 lakh, the minimum guaranteed supply to Rajasthan State Ganganagar from the licensee is Rs 1 lakh per month.

Further, for the Sale of Existing Country Liquor Stock it was clarified that the Existing stock of country liquor manufactured using deliveries of refined spirit before March 31, 2023, can be sold until March 31, 2024. This applies to stock stored in ICICI Bank warehouses or manufacturer/supplier bonds. The sale price for this stock will be determined by the wholesale issue price, MRP, and MSP set for the year 2022-23.

These clarifications aim to streamline the implementation of the Excise and Alcohol Control Policy and provide better understanding for licensees operating within the state.