Corrigendum Issued for Delhi Health Service (Teaching Cadre of Homoeopathy) Rules, 2023

The Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi has issued a corrigendum pertaining to the Government’s Notification dated February 3, 2023. This notification, titled “Delhi Health Service (Teaching Cadre of Homoeopathy) Rules, 2023,”.

In the original notification, Schedule III, specifically at Serial Number 1, related to the post of Principal, there was a discrepancy in the “Field of Selection and minimum qualifying service for promotion” column. The notification initially stated “Professors in level 14 (Rs. 144200-218200/-)” as the qualification requirement. However, the corrigendum has rectified this error and replaced it with “Professors in level 13 (Rs. 123100-215900/-).”

All individuals, institutions, and stakeholders affected by this amendment are encouraged to take note of this correction to ensure compliance with the updated rules and qualifications. The amended notification will have an immediate effect, and it is essential for all concerned parties to adhere to the revised requirements as specified in the corrigendum.