Declaration of Paid Leave in Maharashtra for Lok Sabha Elections 

The Maharashtra Government on 22nd March issued a notification which pertains to the provision of leave for voters in Lok Sabha constituencies to participate in the trial polling for the Lok Sabha General Election in 2024. It begins by referencing the democratic system of the presidential election in India, emphasizing the importance of providing sufficient leave to voters to exercise their right to vote. The Election Commission of India has announced the program for the Lok Sabha Universal Election-2024, scheduled to be held in five phases in the state of Maharashtra. 

The order issued by the Indian Railways Commission mandates granting leave to workers, officers, and employees who are voters at polling stations where the elections are held. 

The notification outlines specific instructions for different categories of voters, including workmen, officers, industrial groups, corporations, and institutions, emphasizing the need to ensure that voters are granted appropriate leave to exercise their right to vote. It also highlights the consequences for failing to provide adequate leave for voting or obstructing the voting process.

Furthermore, the document provides details about the stages of the Lok Sabha constituency maturation and the corresponding dates for trial polling in different regions of Maharashtra. It specifies the constituencies and the respective dates for the trial polling, organized in five phases from April 19, 2024, to May 20, 2024. 

In essence, the document underscores the significance of enabling voters to participate in the Lok Sabha General Election-2024 by providing them with adequate leave to exercise their voting rights. It outlines the specific instructions and dates for trial polling in various Lok Sabha constituencies in Maharashtra, emphasizing the need for compliance across different government departments, institutions, and organizations. The document serves as a directive to ensure the facilitation of the voting process and emphasizes the accountability of authorities and establishments in adhering to the stipulated guidelines for granting leave to voters.