Karnataka Government Amends Tax Exemption for Electric Vehicles

The notification from the Karnataka Government Secretariat, announcing an amendment to The Karnataka Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1957 regarding tax exemption for electric vehicles, exempting all electric non-transport and transport vehicles from taxes, except for specific categories with a cost exceeding Rs. 25.00 Lakhs.

Exemption for Shops and Commercial Establishments under the Rajasthan Shops and Commercial Establishments Act

The notification issued by the Labour Department of Rajasthan outlines specific provisions and exemptions granted to shops and commercial establishments under the Rajasthan Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958. It emphasizes the conditions that must be adhered to by the employers to maintain the granted exemptions, including provisions related to employee leave, working hours, wages, appointment letters, and compliance with the Employees Act.

Applicability of the Employees State Insurance Act 1948 Chittaurgarh for the period from 04.04.2024 to 03.04.2025.

The notification details the exemption granted to M/s Samwinder Cement Limited from the application of the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 for a specific period, subject to various conditions. It also outlines the powers granted to inspectors or officers to ensure compliance with the Act during the exemption period. The document is signed by the Additional Labour Commissioner and ex-officio Joint Administrative Secretary, indicating the official nature of the notification.

Grant of Phase wise Paid Holiday on Poll Day in Karnataka

he Election Commission of India has announced the schedule for the 2024 General Elections in Karnataka. In line with the Karnataka Industrial Establishments Act, 1963 and the Representation of the People Act, 1951, all employees are entitled to a paid holiday on polling days to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Any violation of this provision will result in legal action.

Master Circular on Service Charges for POPs under NPS (All Citizen and Corporate/NPS-Lite)

The Master Circular issued by PFRDA on April 25, 2024, serves as a comprehensive guide for the service charges applicable to Point of Presence (PoPs) under the National Pension System (NPS) and NPS-Lite. It covers various aspects such as introduction, general guidelines, specific guidelines, and lists of circulars consolidated and rescinded in the Master Circular. The circular emphasizes the importance of compliance with the guidelines and applicable laws, and it provides detailed information on the service charges applicable to PoPs for services related to NPS and NPS-Lite.