Declaration of Public Holiday for General Election to Lok Sabha 2024 in Lakshadweep

The Administrator of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep issued an official order on 03rd April, 2024, declaring April 19, 2024, as a public holiday for all public offices, educational institutions, and paid holiday for commercial undertakings in connection with the General Election to the Lok Sabha 2024. 

The order mandates the grant of a holiday to all persons employed in businesses, trade, industrial undertakings, or any other establishment entitled to vote in the election. It further emphasizes that no deduction or abatement of wages should occur due to the holiday and outlines the penalties for employers who contravene these provisions. 

The order also extends the benefit of a paid holiday to employees, including daily wage/casual workers, who are residents and registered electors in the constituency where the poll is taking place, even if they are serving or employed outside the constituency.

Additionally, the order instructs the Director of Labour and Employment to ensure that private enterprises and institutions in the Union Territory declare the day of the poll as a paid holiday for their employees, with no deduction of wages. It also specifies that employees, including casual workers, working in establishments and shops, including those on shift basis, should be granted a paid holiday on the day of the poll in the constituency where the General Elections are to be held.