Draft Mizoram Code on Wages Rules, 2021

The Government of Mizoram has issued the draft Mizoram Code on Wages Rules, 2021. The Rules provides the revised working hours, holidays, procedure for determining minimum wages, overtime wages, night shift, dearness allowance etc.

Where the employees are employed in an establishment through contractor, then, the company or firm or association or any other person who is the proprietor of the establishment shall pay to the contractor the amount payable to him or it, as the case may be, before the date of payment of wages.

Where in an establishment, the employees are employed through contractor and the contractor fails to pay minimum
bonus, then, the company or firm or association shall, on the written information of such failure, given by the employees or any registered trade union or unions of which the employees are members and on confirming such failure, pay such minimum bonus to the employees.