Enhancing Government Service Delivery Through Aadhaar Authentication in Lakshadweep

In Lakshadweep, the Department of Social Welfare & Tribal Affairs has taken a significant step towards enhancing service delivery efficiency and transparency by mandating Aadhaar authentication for beneficiaries of various state schemes. The notification emphasizes the importance of Aadhaar in simplifying processes, ensuring direct entitlements for beneficiaries, and streamlining the delivery of benefits. 

The notification outlines the specific requirements for individuals to avail themselves of benefits under the designated schemes, emphasizing the necessity of possessing an Aadhaar number or undergoing Aadhaar authentication. It also highlights the facilitation of Aadhaar enrolment for those yet to enroll, ensuring that every eligible beneficiary can access the benefits without hindrance. The Department commits to providing enrolment facilities in coordination with UIDAI Registrars for individuals in areas lacking Aadhaar enrolment centers, guaranteeing accessibility to Aadhaar services across the region.

Moreover, the notification emphasizes the provisional provision of benefits to individuals awaiting Aadhaar issuance, subject to the submission of essential documents such as the Aadhaar Enrolment identification slip and alternate identification proofs. To mitigate authentication challenges, the Department mandates alternative authentication methods like iris scans or face authentication in cases of biometric failure, ensuring that beneficiaries receive their entitled benefits promptly.

In cases where traditional biometric authentication methods are unfeasible, the Department ensures the delivery of benefits through Aadhaar One Time Password or physical Aadhaar letters with QR codes for verification. Additionally, an exception handling mechanism is established to address any discrepancies or issues encountered during the authentication process, further safeguarding the interests of bonafide beneficiaries.

As the notification comes into effect, the Department, through its Implementing Agency, commits to raising awareness among beneficiaries through extensive media coverage and ensuring seamless benefit delivery through innovative authentication methods. This proactive approach underscores the Department’s dedication to efficient service delivery and beneficiary welfare, setting a precedent for leveraging technology to enhance governance and public service accessibility.


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