FSSAI Urges Further Vigilance in Food Sale During Festival Season

As the festive season approaches, the demand for various food items surges across communities observing fasting traditions. However, concerns have been raised regarding the sale of adulterated and inferior quality food products by unscrupulous Food Business Operators (FBOs), posing risks to consumer health and tarnishing the sanctity of festivals.

The government has emphasized the need for stringent monitoring of food items commonly consumed during the festive period. These include samvat rice, buckwheat whole & flour (kuttu atta), chestnut whole & flour (singhara atta), fruits, vegetables, dry fruits & nuts, milk & milk products, and ready-to-eat savories like potato chips and sabudana namkeen mix.

Instances of poor storage and handling practices leading to contamination have been reported. Particular references have been made concerning the sale of Kuttu Atta. Past incidents of food poisoning, especially during Navratri, have been linked to the consumption of Kuttu Atta.

To address these concerns and prevent potential health risks, authorities are urged to conduct more frequent inspection and sampling drives. The focus will be on verifying compliance with food safety standards and ensuring adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and hygiene standards by FBOs.

This proactive measure aims to safeguard consumer health and uphold the integrity of festivals by ensuring that food items sold during the festive season meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Authorities are also encouraged to raise awareness among FBOs regarding the importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation practices while handling and storing food products.