Goa Government’s Amendment to Scheme for Children of Freedom Fighters

The Department of Home (General) Secretariat has notified us that the government has modified the program for offering employment opportunities in the government sector to the offspring of freedom fighters. This Notification was published on 19.03.20204.

The government emphasized the necessity of maintaining the continuity of the aforementioned scheme to confer its benefits upon the descendants of freedom fighters enlisted with the Home Department. An adjustment to clause 3(c) of the stated scheme will entail the continuation of the existing reservation of 2% points under Groups ‘A’ and ‘B’ based on roster points for a further one-year duration commencing March 1, 2024, concerning positions filled through GPSC. Likewise, as per clause 7, the scheme will remain valid for an additional one-year period from March 1, 2024, to February 28, 2025, for the remaining registered children of Freedom Fighters within the Home Department.