Implications of Repealing the Industrial Disputes (Haryana Amendment)

The revocation by this Act shall not impinge on any other legislation in which the annulled enactment has been utilized, integrated, or referenced; and this Act shall not alter the legality, illegality, impact, or repercussions of anything already executed or endured, or any entitlement, ownership, duty, or liability already obtained, accrued, or undertaken, or any solution or procedure concerning it, or any absolution or release from any debt, punishment, duty, liability, assertion, or requirement, or any compensation already provided, or the verification of any past action or event; nor shall this Act influence any principle or regulation of law, or recognized jurisdiction, format, or method of pleading, practice, or process, or current habit, custom, privilege, constraint, exception, position, or designation, notwithstanding that they may have been in any manner confirmed or acknowledged or derived by, from, or within the Act hereby abolished; nor shall the annulment of the Act reestablish or reintroduce any authority, position, habit, responsibility, entitlement, ownership, privilege, constraint, exception, habit, practice, procedure, or other subject or thing not currently existing or in effect. This notification was published on 26.03.2024.